Directory Listing - iDirectory Website Ranking

Directory Listing - iDirectory Website Ranking

We rank websites based on their content; and on how their content is oragnised.

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IDirectory Home Listings Directory Listing Ranking System

All websites, articles, web tools and web resources added to our directory are listed based on our ranking system. The guidelines we have set for ranking content in the directory does not follow search engine guidelines, instead they follow the direction that we believe content should be placed in to make finding relevant content sure.

For example, currently when you do a search online, using the phrase, "content management system", in the first one hundred search results you will also find content that just talk about a content management system, rather than you actually finding only content management systems in those top one hundred spots. This is because the current methods for ranking content in search engine is based on interpretive calculation done by a software that tries to make decisions based on users input. However, this method can be easily manipulated; and is manipulated aggressively by most people who are willing to give it a good try.

How We Rank Directory Listings

If your website is primarily promoting a content management system, you will score higher than a website with articles that just talk about different content management systems. Also if your website is just a directory of content management systems, you will score lower than a website that promotes their own content management system. However, if you promote your own content management system(s), plus provide access through the same website to other content management systems then you will score the highest point.

We also append additional scores for other things that we believe should be included in how you present your website to internet users. We are not concerned about how the website looks graphically; what instead we look for is authenticity to what your meta data says. If you claim to promote a content management system, we do an actual check to verify that the website does promote its own system as oppose to talk about a content management system as though it own the cms. Also, we pay special attention to directories. We list directories that are not just trying to recycle information, but those that do take the time to organize resources and show that they do take the time. The methods we use to determine that genuine time was spent organizing a useful directory will not be disclosed.